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Featured Create Your Own Ice Cream Recipe- Jessica Prince

At you can Create Your Own Ice Cream recipe. Did you know that? Seriously, you can go step by step through the process pick your base, choose your flavor(s) and pick your most favorite mix-ins. This makes us your #1 online source (your only source actually, do you know someone else who does it?) for Custom Gourmet Ice Cream, Custom Gourmet Gelato and Custom Gourmet Sorbetto.

Create Your Own Ice Cream Gift or Gelato Gift

Create Your Own Ice Cream Gift or Gelato Gift & Name it!

This is such a sweet story of the perfect example of what eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato gifting is all about!! Read it, be inspired to love your friends and remind them how much you care. Create them their very own Gourmet Ice Cream flavor for their birthday or send them one of the Birthday Ice Cream gifts we have made up. Either way, Ice Cream for their Birthday, what could be sweeter??

Jessica Prince wrote to us back in August and here’s what she had to say:

I just got the most incredible gift – this ice cream is AMAZING!!!! ITs called the xoxoxo J.B.Prince xoxoxo -its coffee and sea salt gelato ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate chips – its the best gift EVER!!! but there was no note, no gift card – I have no idea who its from!!!!! please email me who got this gift for me! i need to thank someone but i have no idea who it could be!!!! please let me know ASAP! thank you – what an amazing gift! all my best and thanks, Jessica Prince

Whoops!!! Did we forget to include the card? Did the mailman have to know what this cold box of goodness was so he opened it up and stole the card? Yep, that’s probably what happened. That’s what we’ll assume considering each order at eCreamery is checked once, twice, three times to make sure we are shipping what was intended. We never make mistakes ;)

The card that was intended to accompany the gift read:

JESSICA!!! I know I’m early but you know how I’m horrible about waiting when it comes to giving gifts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you like the flavor. I chose flavors and mixes that reminded me of you!!! XOXOXO Happy Birthday XOXOXO ~your friend

We let Jessica know what the card read and who it was from and this is what she had to say:

Dear ECreamery,

This is the best gift ever!!!! I am a major ice cream lover…and I like to think I am a pretty good ice cream critic! Not only is this the cutest gift idea, but also the packaging is beyond adorable and the ice cream is AMAZING! Its really creating your dream flavors and it actually tastes like a dream!!!! Thank you for this great idea, this great product, and this great company! I can’t wait to give this as a gift for someone soon….after all, I know how wonderful it is being the recipient! All my best and thanks and more! Jessica Prince

Best Ice Cream Birthday Gift Ever

Custom Birthday Ice Cream Flavor: Premium Coffee & Sea Salt Gelatos with Dark Chocolate Chips & Brownie Bites Custom Name: xoxox The J.B.Prince xoxoxo

Hi Abby!

Here is a picture I took and shared with everyone!!!! I have one pint left as I am saving it to share with my best friend as she is the one who surprised me with this amazing gift! We are both new doctors – graduated from medical school back in June! And although we live in the same city, our schedules provide very little free time! So as much as I love the ice cream and its so hard keeping one pint untouched in the freezer, nothing is better than eating incredible ice cream with an incredible friend!!!! So when my bestie and I can plan a time to hang out, that’s when the ice cream will be finished! I cc’ed her to this email! What an incredible birthday gift!

And when we do meet up, we will be sure to take a picture or two!!!!

Thanks for everything! Xoxo, jp

In the meantime, Jessica sent us a pic of her and her bestie on Graduation Day! Congrats girls!! Thank you for letting eCreamery be a part of your friendship. These are the special moments that we love being a part of.

Jessica received a Custom Ice Cream Birthday Gift from her Best Friend

Best Friends on Graduation Day!

Ghoulishly Good Halloween Ice Cream Flavors

Is there anything better than the weather in October? We’re in Omaha (Nebraska, just in case) and we can honestly say that, “No, there is not.” It has been in the 70′s and sunny this week and the weather folks could not come up with a different forecast for the weekend. The incredible fall weather has also lent itself to some great traffic at our shop on 50th & Underwood in Dundee. Keep on comin’! After it snowing on October 3 last year, we’re thrilled as much as you are to keep summertime around. Now if we could do something about it getting dark at 7??

In honor of the month leading up to Halloween we are featuring a couple new flavors in the store, in the TO GO freezer & online. We love celebrating one of our favorite holidays of the year.

Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

eCreamery's Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

You can find Halloween Oreo Cheesecake all month long, sometimes we end up running out over these long gorgeous weekends. It will not be a problem if you camp out and hit us up on Saturday at noon. We’ll have it. You’ll get it. Halloween Oreo Cheesecake is Cheesecake Ice Cream with Oreos that we have appropriately colored orange. It is orange in color but not orange in flavor. In flavor, it is good. Really good. We’ve named the flavor “Happy Halloween”! What an easy Halloween Party favor? Here we are helping you out again to be the best Halloween party guest you can be. Anytime. So you should have it at eCreamery, take a pint TO GO and send it to your friend in Baltimore. She likes it, she told us.

Our other flavor de mois, translation: Flavor of the Month, is Tricky Treats. It is Chocolate Ice Cream with orange marshmallow topping and slivered almonds. Nutty, marshmallowy Rocky Road Ice Cream goodness. That’s right we’ve changed the name on this one so don’t be confused. We took the original Rocky Road Ice Cream recipe and, well, essentially, put it in a Halloween costume. We are so clever! We have been known to slip in our own homemade orange, again, in color not in flavor, marshmallows too! This one you should eat out of a dish and then wrap up your visit with a stop by the TO GO freezer so you can eat it in a dish at home, or straight from the pint you brought it home in. We’re not judging. Ask for a punch card so you don’t feel as bad.

Halloween Ice Cream in the TO GO freezer

Special Halloween Ice Cream Pints in the TO GO freezer at eCreamery

If you want to send these flavors as a, “Sorry, this wouldn’t fit in your new fancypants Trick or Treat bag“, we have that as an option for you as well. It’s a complete Halloween Ice Cream Gift Sampler Pack. Complete with a flavor for Vampire’s.

Flavor Titles and Flavors include:

“Tricky Treats” – Rocky Road with Orange Marshmallows

“Boo to You!” – Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Cups & Brownie Bites

“Vampire’s Delight” – Strawberries & Cream

“Happy Halloween!” – Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

Happy Trick or Treat hunting!

Pregnancy Cravings Cure-All

Okay, you guessed it. We’re a little baby crazy here at eCreamery. I’m Abby Jordan (on the left), Cofounder of eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts, Chief Ice Cream & Gelato gift fanatic, lover of all things having to do with Italian food (okay, any good food), passionate about being in the kitchen and making a career out of it, hopefully feeding my family along the way, possibly feeding them too much ice cream (but what’s a little dairy gonna do?) and I’m deep into my second trimester carrying our very first child!!

Abby Jordan & Becky App, Cofounders, eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

Abby Jordan & Becky App, Cofounders, eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

Our new Pregnancy Cravings Ice Cream Sampler Pack was born (ha!) out of the need we saw for a unique gift to send a pregnant gal. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve received awesome gifts of love, excitement, receiving blankets, onesies all things cute, well-received and all things BABY. Don’t get me wrong, I would give anything I possess to my unborn baby but what about a gift for mama-to-be? And this one, proud-papa-to-be can get in on as well :) !

Pregnancy Ice Cream Gift

Pregnancy Cravings Ice Cream & Pickles Sampler Pack (Pickles sold & served separately. Add as craved.)

Create Your Own Gourmet Ice Cream or Gelato Flavor

The reason eCreamery exists today is because of our Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor concept. Customers come to, go through a very easy 4-step process & end up with spoonfuls, no, I meant mouthfuls of reward.

Read about it below or live it here: Create Your Own Gourmet Ice Cream

Step 1: Choose your base

You can choose Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto

Ice Cream: Our premium recipe of America’s most popular dessert boasts our creamiest consistency that is sure to delight.

Gelato: Popularly known as “Italian Ice Cream”, you’ll enjoy the rich and creamy flavor in each dense spoonful.

Sorbetto: This delicious, non-dairy indulgence is used for superb fruit flavors and is naturally lower in fat than gelato or ice cream. Its high density makes each bite full of intense flavor. (Fruit flavors only)

Step 2: Choose up to two flavors

There is a long list of flavors to choose from. We take them both and mix them together for the perfectly flavored masterpiece. Your masterpiece.

*Sometimes we feel like the person who did the creating may not have thought their choices (Bubblegum and Hazelnut) all the way through and for that we have a flavor disclaimer. Remember, You Rule The Scoop. You can ask us to make it but you can’t ask us to like it.

The two flavors chosen for our featured Create Your Own Gourmet Ice Cream or Gelato flavor are Gourmet Tiramisu Gelato and Caramel Gelato. I forgot to photograph before we threw the toppings on. You won’t be missing that shot after you see it all mixed together. You’ll see.

Nilla Wafers & Chocolate Covered Espresso Chips

Step 3: Choose up to 2 Mix-ins

Now for the good part, the chewy, crunchy, silky, rich and delicious Mix-ins. There are quite a few so this step might take the most time thinking out how each spoonful might taste.

Gourmet Tiramisu Gelato

Mix Nilla Wafers & Chocolate Covered Espresso Chips into Gourmet Tiramisu & Caramel Gelatos

Step 4: This is where you choose from our three super fun packaging options and where you Name Your Flavor!

They chose the Daisy Packaging and named their creation: Caramel & Tiramisu. Perfect. Sweet. To the point.

Create Your Own Flavor with Gourmet Tiramisu Gelato

All pinted up and getting ready to ship.

Dundee Dozen

So, we have this very special sundae in our Gourmet Ice Cream and Gelato shop in Omaha, Nebraska. It is called the Dundee Dozen. Many people have ordered it, not many people have finished it. Even when it is ordered by a group, there’s almost always the residual scraps of nerds, sprinkles, hot fudge, whipped cream that didn’t seem to make it to the mouth.

Dundee Dozen Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Sundae

Dig In to the Dundee Dozen

The Dundee Dozen consists of 12 mouthwatering scoops of Gourmet Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto. Just like most things at eCreamery, You Rule The Scoop! You could choose all 12 scoops of Avocado Gelato or go the more traditional route and make them all Chocolate Ice Cream. It’s up to you! After you choose your flavors, next come the toppings. Oh yeah, and we mean toppings. You get to top these 12 scoops with 12 toppings. This could be anywhere from an enormous river of Hot Caramel & Hot Fudge to a candy explosion of Snickers, M&Ms, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chunks, Heath Bar, Whoppers and the list goes on. You could also choose to go the fruity route: Fruity Pebbles, Nerds, Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry or Raspberry toppings. You could go nutty with lots of Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts or Black Walnuts. The combinations go on and on, you get the point. Make it yours. And oh yeah, sprinkles and lots of whipped cream truly make the Dundee Dozen what it really.

12 Scoops of Gourmet Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto

12 Scoops, 12 Toppings and tons of whipped cream.

I know of one person who has actually done it all on his own and he did a pretty good job. If you see someone on the street in an eCreamery T-shirt it just might be him. If you finish a Dundee Dozen by yourself you are welcome to an eCreamery T-shirt.

He ate all 12 scoops of Gourmet Ice Cream and the majority of 12 toppings.

Where's my T-shirt?

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