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Meet Dr. Allen Chen: eC Flavor of the Month Member

Dr. Chen, Creator of "The Double Double"

1. When did you become an Ice Cream Lover?Really, when haven’t I been an Ice Cream Lover? I’d have to say, it was love at first bite.

2. Favorite All Time Flavor?Now this is a tough question to answer, since so many great flavors come to mind. In terms of things you can get at any grocery store, coffee Oreo, coffee Heath bar crunch, mint chocolate chip, and mocha almond fudge are always welcome. When I was a graduate student at Duke, I dated a woman who owned a gourmet ice cream store, and her Rossini’s Dark Chocolate #2, fresh off the dasher, was pretty amazing: extremely rich, smooth, and complex. I like spicy flavors, and have had some excellent cinnamon and even better fresh ginger ice cream. I think my all time favorite was a fresh mango ice cream that had absolutely explosive flavor.

3. Favorite eCreamery flavor?You guys made me a custom flavor that I called double – double because it combined coffee and mocha as base flavors, with premium chocolate brownies plus chocolate chunks mixed in. That turned out well. Really well.

4. What is your favorite “Ice Cream related memory or tradition”?I have fond memories of sitting on top of a wooden ice cream machine filled with a rock salt/ice slurry, turning the crank, working up an appetite for the fresh, soft ice cream. Also, I must say that a deciding factor in my choice to go to Dartmouth College was that an alumnus had bequeathed them a fund that provided unlimited soft ice cream at all meals in the dining halls. That decision turned out well – it’s a great place to go for an undergrad education.

5. What has been the best part of being a 6 month Flavor of the Month Member?Creating premium ice cream flavors is fun!

6. Any other Food Loves besides ice cream? Since I live in Baltimore, I have to plug the crab cakes! And shrimp salad, Peking duck, snow pea tips, fresh Copper River red salmon, roast lamb…

Let’s Give Thanks For Ice Cream!

There are many, many things to give thanks for this year. We all have very special people and events that we are the most thankful for but we wanted to break it down to some of the simple things in life that make it oh so much sweeter.

eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream Gifts - Thanksgiving Ice Cream Flavors

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving Ice Cream Flavors!

This year we put four flavors together that you can enjoy on their own or that would be perfect to accommodate the other desserts in your life that make you so thankful.

Cinnamon Ice Cream: Made with fragrant, sweet, organic Korintje cinnamon from Sumatra. Skip the whipped cream and top your Pumpkin Pie with a scoop of Cinnamon!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: Made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. They are what make a Vanilla Ice Cream life less vanilla. Another classic Pumpkin Pie topper.

Classic Pumpkin Ice Cream: This is pretty much a creamier, colder version of Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin, ginger, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, we roll out the spice cabinet. Combined to make a delicious Classic Pumpkin Ice Cream flavor. Top your Pecan Pie with Classic Pumpkin Ice Cream?

Caramel Apple Pie Ice Cream: Yum! We make an Oatmeal, Butter & Brown Sugar crust. We cook down Granny Smith Apples with all the yummy spices you’d suspect. See Classic Pumpkin. I mean, we rolled out the spice cabinet, let’s spice them up. We blend the apples into the base and then fold in layers of Rich Caramel Sauce and the yummy Oatmeal, Butter, Brown Sugar Crust. Each bite delicious. We suggest you enjoy this one after all of your guests have left. Perhaps you, the pint and a spoon in bed. Sleep Tight!

Give thanks for the things that make your everyday life a little bit sweeter.

Gloria “Ginger” Gary: A Life Long Lover of Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a part of special memories for so many of our customers. It’s not just a dessert — it’s a link to a special time with special people. We’d like to share some customer stories about their love of ice cream and the “sweet memories” it’s created for them.

Meet Gloria Gary, one of our customers since eCreamery’s inception and of course, one of our favorites. We love to hear stories about how she regales her friends and neighbors with tales of her rekindled passion for ginger ice cream, how deliverymen express curiosity every time she gets one of our packages and she assures them, ‘I have a very special son, daughter in law and granddogs who love me.’ You’re right Gloria! Indulge, you deserve it!

Here’s Gloria “Ginger” Gary written by her daughter in law, Olga…

“My love affair with ice cream probably predates my earliest memories. As a Generation X’er growing up in Miami, Florida, I remember devouring generously portioned bowls of chocolate, rum raisin, chocolate chip, butter pecan and other frigid delicacies. Save for dessert, I was a finicky eater, and the prospect of several scoopfuls of chocolate ice cream inevitably rendered the mealtime hassle more pleasant.

When I met and married my husband, my mother in law, Gloria Gary, casually mentioned her affinity for a ginger ice cream that she had tasted once decades ago and had not been able to locate since. Ersatz versions of this concoction comprised of vanilla with a few candied ginger pieces simply didn’t make the grade. So began a concerted effort to find this elusive treat for her. Unfortunately, notwithstanding the evolution of artisanal food vendors selling their wonders online, my quest wasn’t successful until I happened upon eCreamery’s site. Wondrously, ginger ice cream was one of the flavors they touted and I eagerly ordered a gallon as a surprise birthday gift. To our delight, my mother in law declared that not only was it reminiscent of the ginger ice cream she had longed to taste once again, it was even better.

A few birthdays and holidays have followed this initial reencounter, and many more gallons of ginger ice cream from eCreamery have been happily consumed to celebrate these milestones. In light of my mother in law’s fondness for desserts [a passion we both share], I have also ordered other adventurous eCreamery flavors for her-Cannolis and Cream, eggnog and some assorted chocolate varieties in honor of her all time love for the almighty cocoa bean. But none compares to the ginger ice cream of her youth and that’s why I have been and will remain a loyal eCreamery customer for many years.

eCreamery “WE LOVE OMAHA” Local Page

Yes, it’s true we are huge fans of our hometown. What’s not to love? We’re in the middle of the country, Location, Location, Location. This one’s pretty funny considering a lot of our online customers are from the coasts. They have such sweet ideas of our milk coming from our cows out the back door. Lucky for us they are not that far off. We are pretty close to a lot of super sweet, fresh ingredients that make our Ice Cream and Gelato, oh so yumtastic. Yes!! WE LOVE OMAHA!

If you've been to our shop you know the brick circle.

Because we love and are so proud of our great city we have created a LOCAL page at

Here you can find Today’s Flavors, Party Information AND the very best part…it gives you all the information you need to place your custom eCreamery order online and receive the WE LOVE OMAHA discount!!! This discount runs all day every day, for you OMAHA!

Lemon Sorbetto

We have been endlessly making pints of Lemon Sorbetto for days. All I can smell is Lemon, all I can see is Lemon and all I can hear is ” How many lemon sorbetto pints do we have left?” We are working on a super secret, special project and once we’re through we’ll tell you all about it!!! It is so fun and we are thrilled to be a part of it with our super duper Lemon Sorbetto Gourmet Gift! We’re in such good company.

I really wish this image was brighter but come on, don’t you just want to dive in. Yum!!!!

Mounds of Lemon Sorbet

eCreamery's Lemon Sorbetto

Just to give a little clarification on exactly what Sorbetto is, Sorbetto is essentially the Italian name for Sorbet. Since we serve Gelato, and our roots our Italian, naturally we serve Sobretto. It is a non-dairy fruit based version of Ice Cream. We serve it daily in our shop and it is available at as well. Order one of the Fabulous Sorbetto Flavors we make all the time, Lemon of course, or Create a Sorbetto Flavor for yourself. Either way, eCreamery’s Sorbetto is a win!

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