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eCreamery’s Winner of the Sweetest Ice Cream Give Away: Katie from Minnesota

Katie Tuohy - Creator of Twisted Puppy Chow Ice Cream

We are proud to announce the winning flavor of eCreamery’s Sweetest Ice Cream Give Away Ever! With over 130 Facebook “Like” votes, the winner is “Twisted Puppy Chow – Pretzal Style” by Ice Cream Artist Katie T., a student at Creighton University. We will send both Katie and her “sweet inspiration, Rlee” their own custom flavors! Congratulations Katie from Minnesota!

“Twisted” Puppy Chow-Pretzel Style

Name: Katie
Location: Minnesota
Base: Ice Cream
Flavor 1: Chocolate Chip
Flavor 2: Peanut Butter
Mixin 1: Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pieces
Mixin 2: Chocolate Fudge Swirl

Keep your recipe entries coming! Due to the fantastic response of the contest, we will now send one lucky, high vote getting winner a free custom order every month!

Click to Enter here!

“10 Years in the Making!”: Our Custom Flavor for The FoodNetwork & South Beach Food & Wine Festival

Sobe’s Custom Flavor: Coconut & Rum Ice Creams with Chocolate Chips & Macadamia Nuts

The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine is an absolute must-do in a life time for any self respecting Foodie. In fact, if you are a foodie and don’t yet have a Christmas Gift for yourself, book a ticket TODAY. I am not kidding, you will thank yourself for buying your best gift to self later — I mean, TODAY.

We at eCreamery are absolutley thrilled to have created a very special 10th Anniversary SOBE Flavor for Lee Brian Schrager and all our friends at the Festival. Available at Your Pints section only until the 2011 Festival in February. “SOBE: 10 Years in the Making” is all about Coconut, Rum, Chocolates and Macadamia Nuts. Oh, so good and oh, so South Beach. (Umbrella not included.)

eCreamery (Abby & I) were guests at last year’s Perrier Jouet’s BubbleQ hosted by Emeril Lagasse. We served the fantastic “Drunken Monkey” ice cream and a Perrier-Jouet infused sorbetto to 3,000 guests literally on the sandy beach of Miami. As hostesses poured Perrier-Jouet champagne while suspended from the ceiling, upside down and in lime green leotards nonetheless, it was quite undebatable that this Festival is a Foodie Bucket List kind of event. (You can see our pictures of the 2010 BubbleQ on eCreamery’s Facebook page). Another very cool aspect of the event is that all proceeds from the Festival benefit Florida International University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

We highly recommend you check out the very special ice cream flavor and the Festival itself. They have incredible things planned for the 10th Anniversary edition including a Martha Stewart & Emeril Lagasse hosted “Let Them Eat Cake” Party with the likes of Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes, in attendence and the ever amazing Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash with Amstel Light and Gourmet Burgers galore. Like I said, buy the ticket today and mark your calendar for Feb. 24, 2011.

Oh yes, and pacify yourself with the 10th Anniversary flavor until then. It’s only a taste of what’s to come… or

Holiday Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

In case you don’t know, we are shipping so many Holiday Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts!! The orders keep rolling in and the responses from the recipients are awesome. Everyone is so excited to receive eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts for the Holidays. They can eat it around the Christmas tree or share it with friends and family. Either way, what a cool gift to receive this season.

We have four different Holiday Sampler Packs or you can Pick 4 Pints and name them whatever you’d like. Of course, you can always Create a Custom Ice cream or Gelato order. If you are not sure what to send, send them an eGift Certificate or the very best Flavor of the Month Club. Seriously, this club is not your normal club. You get all the flexibility and options of everything on our site each month. Check it out!!

Specialty Holiday Ice Cream Gifts

The Four Specialty Holiday Ice Cream flavors pictured above are:

White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips & Peppermint Flakes

Egg Nog Ice Cream

Hazelnut Ice Cream

Cocoa Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirls

eCreamery & Soup Revolution

If you have not heard, eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato will be hosting Soup Revolution on Tuesdays for lunch, all winter long. Scoops & Soup. Spread the word.

Chicken Tortilla Soup, salad & a biscuit

Soup Revolution is Omaha’s premiere gourmet food truck and they serve soup!! Piping hot, lots of different flavors, honest to goodness, freshly made, delicious soup.

All summer long, Sara and crew have been rolling around the city, parking and serving soup. They facebook and tweet their daily location and the soups they are serving up. They also have a downloadable Google calendar.

Please visit Soup Revolution to learn a little bit more about this wonderful, local business.

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