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Announce Your Pregnant with “We’re Pregnant” Ice Cream

The only thing better to get at your doorstep than an eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato gift is an eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato gift that announces you are going to be an aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandpa, mimi, nana, favorite fun honorary aunt, etc.  It makes learning the news a whole lot sweeter.  When we found out we were having Effie we sent ice cream to her grandparents in Wisconsin.  They could hardly believe that this is how they were finding out.  It was so much fun sharing this amazing news in such a delicious way.  Send an eCreamery “We’re Expecting” Ice Cream gift today!


Pregnancy Announcement Ice Cream

What a yummy way to tell them!

eCreamery Pregnancy Announcement Ice Cream

In case they didn't figure out what you were expecting.


eCreamery Pregnancy Announcement personalized Ice Cream collection

All 4 pints we sent to let them know the news!

It’s the perfect way to share the news with out of town loved ones!

Halloween Ice Cream Gifts

Are you the fun auntie, grandma or neighbor who has a special stash for their most adored trick -or-treaters?  The ones that come in the house and prance around for you so you can see their costume in the lights?  We’ve got the perfect extra special treats this year. We’ve come up with four super spooky Halloween Ice Cream flavors and they come in two sizes.

“Spooky Scoops” – Caramel Apple Ice Cream

“Boo to You!” – S’mores Ice Cream

“Ghoul Drool” – Mint Ice Cream with Halloween Oreos

“Trick or Treat!” – Sweet Cream Ice Cream with a Chocolate Candy Explosion

These flavors come in sets of 4 pints for $49.99.

Send a Halloween Ice Cream gift.  They'll go crazy for it.

Send an eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Gift


Our 3.5 ounce personal party cups are perfect for your Spooky Halloween celebration.

They start at $69.99 for a 24 pack.  The same ghoulishly delicious flavors in small personal cups.

Send Halloween Ice Cream - personal party cups

Halloween Ice Cream - personal party cups

Shop here: eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Pints & eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Personal Cups

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