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Congratulations to Another Ice Cream Contest Winner, Rhyann from Tucson!

News from The Sweetest Ice Cream Give-Away:  We’re thrilled to announce another winning flavor

With 151 votes, we have a February winner.  We’ll send Rhyann B.  four pints of her custom creation to share with friends and family. Congratulations Rhyann!

Rhyann B., February Winner

The Winning Flavor:

Salty, Sweet, Boozy Treat

Base:     Gelato

Flavor 1:      Sea Salt Caramel 

Flavor 2:      Tiramisu Cappuccino

Mixin 1:        Chocolate Espresso Chips

Who is your “sweetest person?”:

I’m the sweetest person because I love to give back to others by baking special treats for them. I love being surrounded by sugar (which rubs a bit of its sweetness off on me) and making everyone a little bit happier with cookies, or candy, or cake.


Rhyann will receive four pints of her DIY ice cream (gelato) flavor, delievered right to her doorstep.

How does the contest work?

Design your own flavor on and enter it to win by getting the highest number of Facebook “likes”.   To enter, visit the “Create Your Own Flavor”  tab to create your own delicious creation in four easy steps.  After your entry is approved, share it with friends to gain “likes” or votes! Five new winners will be selected throughout the year based on the total number of votes and will receive a free order of the flavor!

    Keep your recipe entries coming!  We will send another lucky, high vote getting winner a free custom order soon!

 See all of  the creative and inspiring flavor entries here.*

Luckily for friends at University of Arizona, Rhyann loves to share!


* Each time a new winner is selected, we’ll start the contest fresh!  All previous vote counts and  entries will be removed from the contest.  Click here to Enter!


Mmmm. The winning flavor is a hit!






Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gift Flavor #3

The third Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Flavor is Mocha Almond Fudge.  This flavor surpasses the expectations of all other Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Creams you’ve had in the past.   We call it, “XOXO” and you will want to hug and kiss this ice cream until it is gone.

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

Mocha Almond Fudge Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift













You probably won’t need a bowl to eat eCreamery’s Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream.  Grab yourself a spoon and a spot on the sofa.

Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream


Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gift Flavor #2

The second Valentine’s Day Ice Cream gift flavor is Double Strawberry.  We call it, “Tub O’ Hugs” and every bite will feel like a hug for your tastebuds.

"Tub O' Hugs" - Double Strawberry Ice Cream









We take tons of fresh strawberries and blend them into the creamy ice cream base until there’s enough strawberry flavor that our tongue’s actually give us a hug.  After we freeze the ice cream we mix in swirls of sweet strawberry to add even more strawberry flavor and bites of sweet, sweet strawberries.

Eat your heart out Double Strawberry Ice Cream









Double Strawberry Ice Cream Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

Our heart belongs to Double Strawberry Ice Cream.













Strawberry Ice cream Valentine's Day Gift

Give it to the one you love.










Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gift Flavor #1

The first Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gft flavor is called, “Swirls of Love”.  It is one of our favorite flavors at eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato.  Take a peek:

Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Flavor #1

Chocolate Chip & Amarena Cherry Swirls











We melt milk chocolate and when it hits the cold ice cream it creates a delicious chips.  Our Amarena Cherries are imported from Italy.  They are tart, sour cherries and add the perfect balance to the sweetness of the ice cream.


Valentine's Day Ice Cream

A view from the top.













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