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The Shark Tank Effect: An eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato Update Since the Show

We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response to being on Shark Tank.

Thank you to each and every new customer that has supported eCreamery!


Here is a brief Q & A regarding what eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato has seen since airing in September 2012.

Shipping days looked much differently after Shark Tank.

Shipping days looked differently after Shark Tank.

1. How has business been going? 

Until Shark Tank, we had done $2 million in sales over 5 years.  Thanks to the exposure from Shark Tank, this year from September through December 2012 we will do over $500K in three months.


2. What has changed since Shark Tank?

We have bought 3 new freezers, hired 6 new employees and are looking at production facilities so we can keep up.


3. What does the future hold for for eCreamery? 

Next year we are forecasting nearly $2 million in sales. So, the future MUST hold a production facility for us. We have added three new freezers and 6 new employees since the show aired but we don’t have another inch for more freezer space or for customers while we ship in the parlor. By 2015, we will be close to a 5 million dollar business.

The stack of orders we had in the first 8 hours of airing!

The stack of orders we had in the first 8 hours of airing!

4. Tell me about your Shark Tank experience. What has it meant to you? 

Being on Shark Tank let us hit fast forward with our small business. We knew we had the right people and products but we needed the promotion to let people know ice cream gifts exist. We thought that would come with partnering with the expertise of a Shark. However, even though we did go home in lots of  tears that we did not make a deal, things are turning out very well for us. We learned that “a win” may be disguised as a loss.

The experience of Shark Tank also gave us a huge boost of optimism.  After you are working so hard on something around the clock for 5 years, sometimes doubt can creep in. Is this all really worth it? Being on Shark Tank connected us with entrepreneurs from around the world that really reinvigorated us. We had calls and emails of support from literally all of the world.

We both even cried a few times going through all the emails of support we got. Even connecting with the other entrepreneurs going on ST  was so valuable to us . They inspired us. Yeah, some of them may seem crazy, and America might call them nuts, But they are DOING SOMETHING.  They aren’t sitting on their couch waiting for something to happen. They are putting themselves in a Tank of Sharks to build their dream.  That inspired us more than I can really say.


5. What has your customer response been like? Do your clients love it?

Freezers filled with ice cream creations from across the United States.  We worked nearly through many nights fulfilling all of the delicious deliveries.

Freezers filled with ice cream creations from across the United States. We worked nearly through many nights fulfilling all of the delicious deliveries.

The clients have absolutely loved it. And as we said on the show, “Who doesn’t love ice cream??” We are working with new clients from all industries and backgrounds. Right now we are working on flavors for Bio tech, financial services, hollywood studios, marketing firms, a scuba company, a nuclear power provider and a Canadian trampoline company. Like we said,  ”Who doesn’t like ice cream?”


6. Has Shark Tank affected you personally? Have your lives changed? Families?  

We work a lot more! But our families are very excited for us.


7. What did you learn from coming on Shark Tank that has helped your business?

Success doesn’t always arrive in the “packaging” you expect it to!  You have to take what you are dealt and make the absolute best of it!


Want to hear more? See these articles on the Post Shark Tank Success of

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Shark Tank Ice Cream Flavors: eCreamery Dives in The Tank

eCreamery created a custom ice cream flavor for each of the Sharks to pitch the delicious deal.

eCreamery created a custom ice cream flavor for each of the Sharks to pitch the delicious deal.

The founders of Omaha based eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato, Abby Jordan and Becky App, appeared on the ABC television’s series, Shark Tank on Friday, Sept 21st. Jordan and App pitched their eCommerce business of custom made ice cream and gelato gifts to The Sharks on the second episode of season 4 (episode 401).

eCreamery is seeking a $250,000 investment to build additional ice cream production and freezer space for their quickly growing ice cream gift business.

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato has been in business since 2007 and is a 100% women operated business. The startup was funded by investor Mark Hasebroock of Dundee Venture Capital.

The small business is busy preparing for 9 million Shark Tank viewers to learn about their ice cream gifts.  eCreamery has increased production by 400% in anticipation of the show’s airing.



The Shark Tank Flavors:

These flavors are now available at and in the Omaha parlor by the scoop.Shark Tank Sampler

Kevin’s Shark Bait:  Sea Salt Caramel Gelato with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Robert’s InvestMint Mix: Premium Mint Ice Cream with Oreo Cookie Pieces

Barbara’s Delicious Dividends : Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream

The Cubanero : Spicy Dark Chocolate Sorbetto (Dairy Free flavor for Mark Cuban)

Daymond’s Fashionable Flavor Factory: Cake Mix Ice Cream with an explosion of Chocolate Candies


Do the Sharks take the bait?  You’ll have to watch to find out! 

We’ll update the blog post with how the appearance on Shark Tank has affected business after the rerun on January 25th!


A Year of Free Ice Cream: Announcing our “No More Vanilla Gifts Winner!”

This Holiday Season we at eCreamery set out to inspire others to give new and exciting gifts to those special people in your life.  ”No More Vanilla Gifts!” No more neck ties, picture frames or flowers. We challenged you to “Say it with Flavor!” and get out of the rut of tired and stale gifts ideas.   As the saying goes, “It’s the THOUGHT that counts,” so please, give your gifts some thought. Your gift recipients will be glad you did.

See the hilarious videos of Vanilla Gift Giving gone wrong here. 

In celebration of creative gifts, we asked for the best stories of the worst in gift gifting.  We were not disappointed. Our inbox was filled with stories of Vanilla Gifts that are still haunting their recipients to this day and giving others a good laugh.  It was a very difficult choice but a deserving winner rose to the top.

We are pleased to announce our No More Vanilla Gifts Winner:

Patricia R. from Westford, MA.

eCreamery’s Grand Prize Winner, Patricia! Patricia will receive a 12 Month Membership to the Flavor of the Month Club.

Here is her winning entry:  My Former Boss mailed me a Gift Card for Christmas. Nice, right?  It was a $5 Gift card for an electronics store. Still nice,  it is the thought that counts.   But she had stuffed the envelope with candy canes and pictures of her daughter (whom I had never met)  and forgot to put postage or a return address (at least I like to think she ‘forgot’)  so in the end the $5 gift card cost me almost $3 in postage. Merry Christmas!

For her grand prize, Patricia will be an eCreamery Flavor of the Month Member. For the next 12 months, we will ship Patricia a half gallon of the favorite flavors of her choice. 12 Months of delicious Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto flavors shipped right to her doorstep! Patricia can choose from the selection of our best selling favorite flavors or choose to create her own custom flavor from the 30 flavors and 40 mix-ins on What a delicious deal. Congratulations Patricia!

Thank you to everyone who shared a Vanilla Gift story with us. We certainly appreciated each and every one. Each was strong evidence there is need to help others give new, exciting and thoughtful gifts. We at eCreamery Ice Cream and Gelato are here to do just that!

Remember, next time you need to send a very special, memorable gift, please think to “Say it with Flavor!” and visit us at Your recipient will be very glad that you did.

Here are some other gift giving stories gone wrong that made us cringe and laugh and wish we could send ice cream gifts to each of you!

  • I once got 10 white handkerchiefs. No more runny noses I guess…  - Andrew
  • Here’s vanilla gift giving at its worst! (Sorry mom)  it was my dads birthday and amongst his usual cologne, socks, underwear was a pair of jeans. He happened to recognize this particular pair of jeans. Why?  My dear mother had given him the exact same pair the year previous!  They had managed to make their way to the top of their closet where mom found them thinking she had purchased them recently and got rewrapped. How did he recognize a pair of jeans? Because the card she gave him the year before with the jeans was tucked in the fold.  The laugh we got was worth way more than this vanilla gift.  My dad would have loved your ice cream.      - Jessica 
  • My friend gave his wife a video game system for her birthday as a way for them to spend more time together. She is no longer his wife. (that’s a true story) – Scott
  • I ordered a beautiful flower arrangement for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  Although she sounded a little funny when she called, she was very thankful.  The next day when we arrived at her home I understood her strange thank you.  Not only was the arrangement very small, some of the flowers were actually dead.  What a great way to say Happy Mother’s Day.  Is anyone ever really sure what they are getting when they order flowers?  - Evelyn
  • Gave a bride a blender for her wedding gift… so did 8 other people :/    - Shawn
  • One year my mom received a stuffed teddy bear dipped in vanilla wax.  My mom does not collect teddy bears so it did not fit into her decor at all.  She put it back in the box and left it to re-gift to someone else.  A couple years later when I decided to do my baby’s room in a teddy bear theme….yep it was re-gifted to me!  It was the most disgusting smell of vanilla I have ever smelled and it was the biggest dust collector!  It was trashed before the baby arrived….so my mom knowing I tossed it was apparently determined to make my babies room smell like vanilla….bought a vanilla scent oil ring to put on the lamp so when it warmed up it let off the odor or aroma of vanilla…..I hate vanilla!  - Kay
  • My parents are bad gift-givers. An illustration:
    A few years ago for Christmas I received a gift bag from my mom containing about $5 worth in free items from a local bank, including:
    A note pad
    A plastic travel mug
    A staple remover (nothing to put the staples in, only to remove them)
    A pen
    A key ring
    A few other knick knacks
    I was 20 years old. I received no other gifts that year. Neither me nor my parents have ever banked at this bank.
    Sometimes no gift at all is better than a bad gift. I’ll just take a card next time. – Mike
  • My husband’s Grandma is known for giving odd/untimely gifts. During my bridal shower I received a shoe box full of naked barbie dolls, followed by a shoebox of hand stitched outfits for these naked barbie dolls. What does a 22-year-old (at the time) do with such a thing?  - Kam

Read all of the entries on eCreamery’s facebook page and be inspired to be a creative and thoughtful gift giver!

And be sure to watch our Vanilla Gift Giving Videos:

Not So Undying Love                     Repeat Offender            Total Confusion
Necktie Nightmare                          Cash Money                     Sizable Situation
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