Gender Reveal Ideas – It’s A Boy! For SURE!

Every once in awhile we get a request for custom ice cream that makes even our cheeks blush.   A customer called and asked if we could have some custom labels ready for pick-up one evening.  We said,  ”No problem! What would you like the labels to say?”  She explained that she would be using eCreamery custom Ice Cream as part of her Gender Reveal Party that evening and proceeded to list a couple adorable, “It’s A Boy” names.

The names were:

Snips & snails & puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.

Bouncing Baby Boy Smith

Daddy Mike’s Sidekick!

*real first and last name was changed. 

She then asked if we had ever put ultrasound pictures on our ice cream labels.  We had not but we wanted to give it a try.  I have always heard that they distinguish the gender by examining internal body parts so I wondered what exactly she was going to email me.

For her 4th pint label we added an ultrasound picture.

Gender Reveal Ideas

It's A Boy, For Sure!! Gender Reveal Ultrasound Image












Thanks for revealing to us that there are always new things to say with eCreamery Customized Ice Cream Gifts.


Gender Reveal Ideas – eCreamery Gender Reveal Ice Cream

Have you heard about one of the hottest trends since giving birth? It’s having a celebration to reveal your baby’s gender!  Yes!!  Gender Reveal parties are one of the biggest trends around and they are so much fun!  Everyone wants to be a part of the big Gender Reveal and especially if there is eCreamery Ice Cream involved.  eCreamery Ice Cream as a Gender Reveal idea is one of the best Gender Reveal ideas around!

eCreamery is thrilled to be a part of the many special occasions in people’s lives and now with gender reveal parties/announcements becoming a common part of the new baby trend, we want to be a part of this too!! You plan the party and we’ll ship you the Gender Reveal Ice Cream Sampler Pack.  Another great idea is to send the gender reveal ice cream as an announcement.  Sometimes here at eCreamery, we know their gender before their Grandparents! If Grandma and Grandpa live far away you can still make the Gender Reveal special.  Send them an eCreamery Gender Reveal Ice Cream Sampler Pack to let them know who is on the way!

We have an, “It’s a Boy!”, Gender Reveal Ice Cream Sampler which includes the following:

  • “We’re having a Boy!” - Chocolate Cake with Fudge Swirls and Brownie Bites
  • “Boy, are we excited!” - Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups
  • “Bouncing Baby Boy” - Vanilla with Chocolate Chips & Cookie Dough
  • “Boy’s Rock” - Mint with Oreos

    It's A Boy Ice Cream Gender Reveal Ideas

    "It's A Boy!" Ice Cream Gender Reveal Ideas











And of course we have an, “It’s a Girl!”, Gender Reveal Ice Cream Sampler.  It includes:

  • “We’re having a Girl!” - Chocolate Cake with Fudge Swirls and Brownie Bites
  • “Sweet Baby Girl” - Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups
  • “Just a Little Girl Talk” - Vanilla with Chocolate Chips & Cookie Dough
  • “Girl Power!” - Mint with Oreos
"It's A Girl" Gender Reveal Ice Cream

"It's A Girl" Gender Reveal Ice Cream












If you want to get really creative we can customize your pints, your message, even your flavor!  That’s what we’re about at eCreamery, customized Ice Cream & Gelato gifts.  If you know the baby’s name and want to reveal that, too?  No problem.  We are happy to help with customization and making your Gender Reveal as special as that sweet little someone.


Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gift Flavor #4

It’s possible we saved the best for last.  Our Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream with Cream Cheese Frosting Swirls.  It’s like a cake and an ice cream all in one.  All surrounded by loving swirls of the most decadent cream cheese frosting.  Yum!

We call it “Love Potion #99″.  We tried 98 times to find the right ice cream that will make you fall in love.  This is it!

Valentine's Day Ice Cream gift

Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream with Cream Cheese Frosting













We can’t just show you one shot of this terrific flavor.  You have to take another look.  We have been selling out in the TO GO case almost nightly.

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

Eat your heart out!


Congratulations to Another Ice Cream Contest Winner, Rhyann from Tucson!

News from The Sweetest Ice Cream Give-Away:  We’re thrilled to announce another winning flavor

With 151 votes, we have a February winner.  We’ll send Rhyann B.  four pints of her custom creation to share with friends and family. Congratulations Rhyann!

Rhyann B., February Winner

The Winning Flavor:

Salty, Sweet, Boozy Treat

Base:     Gelato

Flavor 1:      Sea Salt Caramel 

Flavor 2:      Tiramisu Cappuccino

Mixin 1:        Chocolate Espresso Chips

Who is your “sweetest person?”:

I’m the sweetest person because I love to give back to others by baking special treats for them. I love being surrounded by sugar (which rubs a bit of its sweetness off on me) and making everyone a little bit happier with cookies, or candy, or cake.


Rhyann will receive four pints of her DIY ice cream (gelato) flavor, delievered right to her doorstep.

How does the contest work?

Design your own flavor on eCreamery.com and enter it to win by getting the highest number of Facebook “likes”.   To enter, visit the “Create Your Own Flavor”  tab to create your own delicious creation in four easy steps.  After your entry is approved, share it with friends to gain “likes” or votes! Five new winners will be selected throughout the year based on the total number of votes and will receive a free order of the flavor!

    Keep your recipe entries coming!  We will send another lucky, high vote getting winner a free custom order soon!

 See all of  the creative and inspiring flavor entries here.*

Luckily for friends at University of Arizona, Rhyann loves to share!


* Each time a new winner is selected, we’ll start the contest fresh!  All previous vote counts and  entries will be removed from the contest.  Click here to Enter!


Mmmm. The winning flavor is a hit!






Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gift Flavor #3

The third Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Flavor is Mocha Almond Fudge.  This flavor surpasses the expectations of all other Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Creams you’ve had in the past.   We call it, “XOXO” and you will want to hug and kiss this ice cream until it is gone.

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

Mocha Almond Fudge Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift













You probably won’t need a bowl to eat eCreamery’s Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream.  Grab yourself a spoon and a spot on the sofa.

Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream


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