“The Scoop” on PUMA Golf’s TITANTOUR Footwear

PUMA Golf, a leader in footwear innovation and design, has announced the release of the new TITANTOUR golf footwear.

eCreamery helped to make their launch a little sweeter with personalized pints and 3.5 oz. Party Cups complete with a custom-designed logo showcasing the coolest shoe in golf!

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.54.23 PM


“I just wanted to tell you guys that I thought this was the coolest (pun intended) media promotion item ever!” – The Hackers Paradise

“You get a 10/10 for creativity, that’s for damn sure. “– Jon Wall,

“Nice touch from your marketing department. Had laid off the ice cream since the New Year but that was a resolution meant to be broken.” – Adam Schupak, GolfWeek

“The gelato you sent is out-of-this-world AMAZING. Thank you, thank you! My colleagues and I are all loving it. You’ve officially turned Golf Digest editors/salespeople into Cobra-Puma lovers. It was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. And what a cool way to pump up the Titan Tour.” – Ashley Mayo, Golf Digest

“The COOLEST press kit ever! “– Rob Miller, GolfWRX

“AWESOME PR package today. The shoes and shirt just arrived too. Thanks for including me. I’ll be tweeting more soon. “– T.J. Auclair, PGA Magazine

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Send Scoops of Love this Valentine’s Day!


Let us help you this year. This will be so easy. Send them an eCreamery Valentine’s Day Ice Cream gift. There are a few ways to do it and you’ll be a Valentine’s Day HERO. Plus, we have some fantastic flavors that we are making especially for Valentine’s Day.

There are a few options when it comes to sending eCreamery for Valentine’s Day. Let us guide you along the ice cream, gelato and sorbet sampler pack gift choices.

#1 Premium Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sampler

  • “Scoops of Love”-Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites
  • “Love Potion #99”-Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream
  • “Cheers My Dear!”- Strawberry Champagne Ice Cream
  • “XOXO”-Coffee Ice Cream with Heath Bar Pieces & Caramel Swirls

#2 Chocolate Lovers Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sampler

  • “Scoops of Love”-Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks
  • “Love Potion #99”-Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip)
  • “Tub of Hugs”-Chocolate Gelato
  • “XOXO”-Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites

#3 Kid’s Valentines Day Ice Cream Collection

  • “Scoops of Love”-Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks
  • “Treats for My Sweets″-Strawberry Ice Cream
  • “Tub of Hugs”-Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
  • “Cupid’s Cookie Kisses”-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

#4 Valentine’s Gelato Sampler

  • Scoops of Amore”-Biscotti Gelato
  • Love Potion #99″-Pistachio Gelato
  • “Amore Mio”- Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip) Gelato
  • XOXO” -Caffé (Coffee) Gelato

#5 Valentine’s Sorbet Collection

  • “XOXO”- Blood Orange Sorbet
  • “Scoops of Love″-Lemon Sorbet
  • “Tub of Hugs”- Raspberry Sorbet
  • “Love Potion #99”- Mango Sorbet

We have 5 delicious Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbet gifts for you to choose from. Send some to everyone on your list. You will be loved all year long.

Anti-Valentines Day Collection

Happy Singles Awareness Day! If you think love stinks, here’s a gift idea sure to indulge the most bitter of hearts!

4 pints of delicious gourmet flavors, each named with a special Anti-Valentine’s Day title. Each flavor is hand made with the finest of specialty ingredients, sure to delight all hearts on the mend.


“Glad I Didn’t Send Flowers?”
Mint Chip Ice Cream

“Cupid’s Comfort”
Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks

“Love Bites”
Strawberry Ice Cream

“Single is Sweeter”
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Congratulations to Another Ice Cream Contest Winner, Andre from Florida!

With 197 votes, we have a January winner!  We will send Andre F.  four pints of her custom creation to share with friends and family. Congratulations Andre!


(Contest winner Andre is pictured at right with her friend Bambi on the left)

The Winning Flavor:


Base:           Gelato

Flavor 1:      Double Vanilla Bean

Mixin 1:       Dark Chocolate Chips

Mixin 2:       Graham Cracker Crumbs

Who is your “sweetest person?”:

“In my crazy world, the sweetest person is my best friend Bambi. Even though we’re 1000+ miles away (she’s in Omaha and I’m in Florida), we’re always there for each other. I love her more than I love ice cream!”

“I’m honored and super excited that my flavor received the top number of votes! I’d say this new year is off to a very sweet start!”

Andre will receive four pints of her DIY ice cream (gelato) flavor, delivered right to her doorstep in Florida!


How does the contest work?

Design your own flavor on and enter it to win by getting the highest number of Facebook “likes”.  To enter, visit the “Create Your Own Flavor”  tab to create your own delicious creation in four easy steps.  After your entry is approved, share it with friends to gain “likes” or votes! Five new winners will be selected throughout the year based on the total number of votes and will receive a free order of the flavor!

 Keep your recipe entries coming!  We will send another lucky, high vote getting winner a free custom order soon!

Paul McCartney & Warren Buffett at eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato

Where do Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney hang out when in Omaha? eCreamery Ice Cream, of course!

Where do Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney hang out when in Omaha? eCreamery Ice Cream, of course!

Yes, it’s true! The “$63 Billion Dollar Selfie”  was taken outside eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato in Dundee – Omaha, Ne.

Article details provided By Alia Conley and Betsie Freeman / World-Herald staff writers

See Photos at eCreamery on our Facebook page.

Paul McCartney was spotted with Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett in Dundee on Sunday night having dinner, dessert and a walk around the neighborhood.

The two had dinner at Avoli, an Italian restaurant on Underwood Avenue. Dario Schicke, chef and owner, said there were five people in the group, including Susan Buffett, Warren’s daughter.

“We had a special dish — gluten-free pasta for Paul … Sir Paul,” Schicke said, adding that the group had “some appetizers and sorbetto afterward.”

After dinner, the group went up the street to eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato.


Paul McCartney talking with eCreamery Customers. “He deserves the title “sir.” He was nothing but polite,” said a customer.

McCartney, who arrived in a limo, had two scoops of eCreamery vanilla, said clerk Josh Ryan. eCreamery’s  Vanilla Bean ice cream recently was named best in Omaha in The World-Herald’s Food Prowl feature. Mr. Buffett enjoyed a Root Beer Float. 

The pair stayed at the shop for about 15 minutes, Ryan said.

He said he was excited to wait on McCartney, who’s scheduled to perform tonight at Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena.

“I couldn’t breathe,” Ryan said. “It was awesome.”

He said McCartney was “very polite and super nice.”

Jeff French, a psychology professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, was in line at eCreamery behind the former Beatle and the Omaha billionaire. French saw McCartney in concert 24 years ago in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, where Sunday’s World Cup Final was played.

“On the way out, I made eye contact and initiated conversation with him,” French said. French would agree with Ryan about McCartney’s manners.

Warren Buffett at eCreamery with his special guests, Sir Paul McCartney and friends.

Warren Buffett at eCreamery with his special guests, Sir Paul McCartney and friends.

“He deserves to be called ‘Sir’ because he’s nothing but polite.”

The group went across the street to sit on a bench and enjoy their ice cream. About 50 people had gathered outside the ice cream shop, but it was a casual and respectful crowd that did not approach the group.

Onlookers  included now selfie phenom, Tom White. Sixteen year old White and his friends had seen the celebrity sightings on Twitter and ran to see their music hero. The “63 Billion Dollar Selfie” has been retweeted around the globe.

The image was later re-tweeted by Paul McCartney’s Twitter handle on Monday afternoon. It is one of three photos McCartney has marked as his “favorites.”

“Just hanging out with friends,” @PaulMcCartney wrote.

Many passers-by tweeted their sightings — much as people did 4½ years ago, when U2’s Bono made a surprise visit to the Dundee Dell.

Click here to watch the video!


Beatlemania Flavors are here!   

This Week’s Flavors are in tribute to Warren Buffett & Paul McCartney’s visit to eCreamery.

Stop in & try them all at 50th & Underwood in Dundee!

All Vanilla Bean will be served in a special “Abbey Road” cup.

Ice Cream: Choc-La-Di Choc-La-Da, Sir Paul’s Vanilla Bean, Lucy in the Pie with Diamonds, Root Buffett Float, All You Need is S’mores, Help! I Need Some Sea Salt

Gelato:  Mocha My Dear, Praline Lane, Helter Snickers, Strawberry Fields Forever, Magical Mystery Mint

Sorbet:  Let It Be Banana, Yellow Submarine Sorbet, Eleanor Raspberry, Come Together Coconut

 See Today’s Flavors on


The $63 Billion Dollar Selfie from a bench in Omaha, Nebraska.

The $63 Billion Dollar Selfie from a bench in Omaha, Nebraska. Just “Chillin’ with my Hommies,” tweeted White.

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