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Yes, it’s true we are huge fans of our hometown. What’s not to love? We’re in the middle of the country, Location, Location, Location. This one’s pretty funny considering a lot of our online customers are from the coasts. They have such sweet ideas of our milk coming from our cows out the back door. Lucky for us they are not that far off. We are pretty close to a lot of super sweet, fresh ingredients that make our Ice Cream and Gelato, oh so yumtastic. Yes!! WE LOVE OMAHA!

If you've been to our shop you know the brick circle.

Because we love and are so proud of our great city we have created a LOCAL page at

Here you can find Today’s Flavors, Party Information AND the very best part…it gives you all the information you need to place your custom eCreamery order online and receive the WE LOVE OMAHA discount!!! This discount runs all day every day, for you OMAHA!

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