Ghoulishly Good Halloween Ice Cream Flavors

Is there anything better than the weather in October? We’re in Omaha (Nebraska, just in case) and we can honestly say that, “No, there is not.” It has been in the 70′s and sunny this week and the weather folks could not come up with a different forecast for the weekend. The incredible fall weather has also lent itself to some great traffic at our shop on 50th & Underwood in Dundee. Keep on comin’! After it snowing on October 3 last year, we’re thrilled as much as you are to keep summertime around. Now if we could do something about it getting dark at 7??

In honor of the month leading up to Halloween we are featuring a couple new flavors in the store, in the TO GO freezer & online. We love celebrating one of our favorite holidays of the year.

Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

eCreamery's Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

You can find Halloween Oreo Cheesecake all month long, sometimes we end up running out over these long gorgeous weekends. It will not be a problem if you camp out and hit us up on Saturday at noon. We’ll have it. You’ll get it. Halloween Oreo Cheesecake is Cheesecake Ice Cream with Oreos that we have appropriately colored orange. It is orange in color but not orange in flavor. In flavor, it is good. Really good. We’ve named the flavor “Happy Halloween”! What an easy Halloween Party favor? Here we are helping you out again to be the best Halloween party guest you can be. Anytime. So you should have it at eCreamery, take a pint TO GO and send it to your friend in Baltimore. She likes it, she told us.

Our other flavor de mois, translation: Flavor of the Month, is Tricky Treats. It is Chocolate Ice Cream with orange marshmallow topping and slivered almonds. Nutty, marshmallowy Rocky Road Ice Cream goodness. That’s right we’ve changed the name on this one so don’t be confused. We took the original Rocky Road Ice Cream recipe and, well, essentially, put it in a Halloween costume. We are so clever! We have been known to slip in our own homemade orange, again, in color not in flavor, marshmallows too! This one you should eat out of a dish and then wrap up your visit with a stop by the TO GO freezer so you can eat it in a dish at home, or straight from the pint you brought it home in. We’re not judging. Ask for a punch card so you don’t feel as bad.

Halloween Ice Cream in the TO GO freezer

Special Halloween Ice Cream Pints in the TO GO freezer at eCreamery

If you want to send these flavors as a, “Sorry, this wouldn’t fit in your new fancypants Trick or Treat bag“, we have that as an option for you as well. It’s a complete Halloween Ice Cream Gift Sampler Pack. Complete with a flavor for Vampire’s.

Flavor Titles and Flavors include:

“Tricky Treats” – Rocky Road with Orange Marshmallows

“Boo to You!” – Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Cups & Brownie Bites

“Vampire’s Delight” – Strawberries & Cream

“Happy Halloween!” – Halloween Oreo Cheesecake

Happy Trick or Treat hunting!

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