Gloria “Ginger” Gary: A Life Long Lover of Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a part of special memories for so many of our customers. It’s not just a dessert — it’s a link to a special time with special people. We’d like to share some customer stories about their love of ice cream and the “sweet memories” it’s created for them.

Meet Gloria Gary, one of our customers since eCreamery’s inception and of course, one of our favorites. We love to hear stories about how she regales her friends and neighbors with tales of her rekindled passion for ginger ice cream, how deliverymen express curiosity every time she gets one of our packages and she assures them, ‘I have a very special son, daughter in law and granddogs who love me.’ You’re right Gloria! Indulge, you deserve it!

Here’s Gloria “Ginger” Gary written by her daughter in law, Olga…

“My love affair with ice cream probably predates my earliest memories. As a Generation X’er growing up in Miami, Florida, I remember devouring generously portioned bowls of chocolate, rum raisin, chocolate chip, butter pecan and other frigid delicacies. Save for dessert, I was a finicky eater, and the prospect of several scoopfuls of chocolate ice cream inevitably rendered the mealtime hassle more pleasant.

When I met and married my husband, my mother in law, Gloria Gary, casually mentioned her affinity for a ginger ice cream that she had tasted once decades ago and had not been able to locate since. Ersatz versions of this concoction comprised of vanilla with a few candied ginger pieces simply didn’t make the grade. So began a concerted effort to find this elusive treat for her. Unfortunately, notwithstanding the evolution of artisanal food vendors selling their wonders online, my quest wasn’t successful until I happened upon eCreamery’s site. Wondrously, ginger ice cream was one of the flavors they touted and I eagerly ordered a gallon as a surprise birthday gift. To our delight, my mother in law declared that not only was it reminiscent of the ginger ice cream she had longed to taste once again, it was even better.

A few birthdays and holidays have followed this initial reencounter, and many more gallons of ginger ice cream from eCreamery have been happily consumed to celebrate these milestones. In light of my mother in law’s fondness for desserts [a passion we both share], I have also ordered other adventurous eCreamery flavors for her-Cannolis and Cream, eggnog and some assorted chocolate varieties in honor of her all time love for the almighty cocoa bean. But none compares to the ginger ice cream of her youth and that’s why I have been and will remain a loyal eCreamery customer for many years.

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