Lemon Sorbetto

We have been endlessly making pints of Lemon Sorbetto for days. All I can smell is Lemon, all I can see is Lemon and all I can hear is ” How many lemon sorbetto pints do we have left?” We are working on a super secret, special project and once we’re through we’ll tell you all about it!!! It is so fun and we are thrilled to be a part of it with our super duper Lemon Sorbetto Gourmet Gift! We’re in such good company.

I really wish this image was brighter but come on, don’t you just want to dive in. Yum!!!!

Mounds of Lemon Sorbet

eCreamery's Lemon Sorbetto

Just to give a little clarification on exactly what Sorbetto is, Sorbetto is essentially the Italian name for Sorbet. Since we serve Gelato, and our roots our Italian, naturally we serve Sobretto. It is a non-dairy fruit based version of Ice Cream. We serve it daily in our shop and it is available at eCreamery.com as well. Order one of the Fabulous Sorbetto Flavors we make all the time, Lemon of course, or Create a Sorbetto Flavor for yourself. Either way, eCreamery’s Sorbetto is a win!

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