Halloween Ice Cream Gifts

Are you the fun auntie, grandma or neighbor who has a special stash for their most adored trick -or-treaters?  The ones that come in the house and prance around for you so you can see their costume in the lights?  We’ve got the perfect extra special treats this year. We’ve come up with four super spooky Halloween Ice Cream flavors and they come in two sizes.

“Spooky Scoops” – Caramel Apple Ice Cream

“Boo to You!” – S’mores Ice Cream

“Ghoul Drool” – Mint Ice Cream with Halloween Oreos

“Trick or Treat!” – Sweet Cream Ice Cream with a Chocolate Candy Explosion

These flavors come in sets of 4 pints for $49.99.

Send a Halloween Ice Cream gift.  They'll go crazy for it.

Send an eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Gift


Our 3.5 ounce personal party cups are perfect for your Spooky Halloween celebration.

They start at $69.99 for a 24 pack.  The same ghoulishly delicious flavors in small personal cups.

Send Halloween Ice Cream - personal party cups

Halloween Ice Cream - personal party cups

Shop here: eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Pints & eCreamery Halloween Ice Cream Personal Cups

eCreamery Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Gifts

Let us help you this year. This will be so easy. Send them an eCreamery Valentine’s Day Ice Cream gift. There are a few ways to do it and you’ll be a Valentine’s Day HERO. Plus, we have some fantastic flavors that we are making especially for Valentine’s Day.

There are a few options when it comes to sending eCreamery for Valentine’s Day. Let us guide you along the ice cream, gelato and sorbetto sampler pack gift choices.

#1 Specialty Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sampler

Specialty Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

This four pint pack comes with the following flavors with the following names:

  • “XOXO”-White Chocolate Ice Cream with Macadamia Nuts & Milk Chocolate Truffles
  • “Love Potion #99″-Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream with Cream Cheese Frosting Swirls
  • “Swirls of Love”-Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips & Amarena Cherry Swirls
  • “Tub o’ Hugs”-Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream
  • Chef Kelley makes the milk chocolate truffles and the cream cheese frosting from scratch and then she mixes them in.

    #2 Chocolate Lovers Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sampler

    eCreamery's Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream Gift

    Great names, great flavors! Check them out.

  • “XOXO”-White Chocolate Ice Cream with Macadamia Nuts & Milk Chocolate Truffles
  • “Heartbeat Batter”-Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites
  • “I Love You!”-Chocolate Gelato
  • “Tasty Temptation”-Chocolate Chip Gelato
  • So, they love chocolate but you want to turn it up a notch? The Valentine’s Day Chocolate Lover’s Ice Cream is perfect. You’re getting them chocolate but not like a box of chocolates. You are getting them a cooler filled with chocolate ice creams. Good job, you!

    #3 Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sampler

    Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

    Sweethearts Valentine's Day Ice Cream Gift

    These are our traditional Ice Cream Sampler Pack flavors all packaged with Valentine’s Day names. Eat Your heart out!

  • “I Love You!”-Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites
  • “Love Potion #99″-Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups & Brownie Bites
  • “I Dig You, Baby”-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips & Cookie Dough
  • “XOXO”-Mint with Oreos
  • Our favorite ice cream flavors packages up with Sweetheart names for you to send your Valentine. No need to thank us.

    #4 Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Gelato Sampler

  • I Love You!“-3 Cocoa Bean Chocolate Gelato
  • Love Potion #99“-Pistachio Gelato
  • I Dig You, Baby“-Chocolate Chip Gelato
  • XOXO“-Strawberries & Cream Gelato
  • #5 Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Sorbetto Sampler

  • “I Love You!”- Lemon Sorbetto
  • “Love Potion #99″-Raspberry Sorbetto
  • “I Dig You, Baby”- Passion Fruit Sorbetto
  • “XOXO”- Coconut Sorbetto
  • We have 5 delicious Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto gifts for you to choose from. Send some to everyone on your list. You will be loved all year long.

    Featured Create Your Own Ice Cream Recipe- Jessica Prince

    At eCreamery.com you can Create Your Own Ice Cream recipe. Did you know that? Seriously, you can go step by step through the process pick your base, choose your flavor(s) and pick your most favorite mix-ins. This makes us your #1 online source (your only source actually, do you know someone else who does it?) for Custom Gourmet Ice Cream, Custom Gourmet Gelato and Custom Gourmet Sorbetto.

    Create Your Own Ice Cream Gift or Gelato Gift

    Create Your Own Ice Cream Gift or Gelato Gift & Name it!

    This is such a sweet story of the perfect example of what eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato gifting is all about!! Read it, be inspired to love your friends and remind them how much you care. Create them their very own Gourmet Ice Cream flavor for their birthday or send them one of the Birthday Ice Cream gifts we have made up. Either way, Ice Cream for their Birthday, what could be sweeter??

    Jessica Prince wrote to us back in August and here’s what she had to say:

    I just got the most incredible gift – this ice cream is AMAZING!!!! ITs called the xoxoxo J.B.Prince xoxoxo -its coffee and sea salt gelato ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate chips – its the best gift EVER!!! but there was no note, no gift card – I have no idea who its from!!!!! please email me who got this gift for me! i need to thank someone but i have no idea who it could be!!!! please let me know ASAP! thank you – what an amazing gift! all my best and thanks, Jessica Prince

    Whoops!!! Did we forget to include the card? Did the mailman have to know what this cold box of goodness was so he opened it up and stole the card? Yep, that’s probably what happened. That’s what we’ll assume considering each order at eCreamery is checked once, twice, three times to make sure we are shipping what was intended. We never make mistakes ;)

    The card that was intended to accompany the gift read:

    JESSICA!!! I know I’m early but you know how I’m horrible about waiting when it comes to giving gifts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you like the flavor. I chose flavors and mixes that reminded me of you!!! XOXOXO Happy Birthday XOXOXO ~your friend

    We let Jessica know what the card read and who it was from and this is what she had to say:

    Dear ECreamery,

    This is the best gift ever!!!! I am a major ice cream lover…and I like to think I am a pretty good ice cream critic! Not only is this the cutest gift idea, but also the packaging is beyond adorable and the ice cream is AMAZING! Its really creating your dream flavors and it actually tastes like a dream!!!! Thank you for this great idea, this great product, and this great company! I can’t wait to give this as a gift for someone soon….after all, I know how wonderful it is being the recipient! All my best and thanks and more! Jessica Prince

    Best Ice Cream Birthday Gift Ever

    Custom Birthday Ice Cream Flavor: Premium Coffee & Sea Salt Gelatos with Dark Chocolate Chips & Brownie Bites Custom Name: xoxox The J.B.Prince xoxoxo

    Hi Abby!

    Here is a picture I took and shared with everyone!!!! I have one pint left as I am saving it to share with my best friend as she is the one who surprised me with this amazing gift! We are both new doctors – graduated from medical school back in June! And although we live in the same city, our schedules provide very little free time! So as much as I love the ice cream and its so hard keeping one pint untouched in the freezer, nothing is better than eating incredible ice cream with an incredible friend!!!! So when my bestie and I can plan a time to hang out, that’s when the ice cream will be finished! I cc’ed her to this email! What an incredible birthday gift!

    And when we do meet up, we will be sure to take a picture or two!!!!

    Thanks for everything! Xoxo, jp

    In the meantime, Jessica sent us a pic of her and her bestie on Graduation Day! Congrats girls!! Thank you for letting eCreamery be a part of your friendship. These are the special moments that we love being a part of.

    Jessica received a Custom Ice Cream Birthday Gift from her Best Friend

    Best Friends on Graduation Day!

    Pregnancy Cravings Cure-All

    Okay, you guessed it. We’re a little baby crazy here at eCreamery. I’m Abby Jordan (on the left), Cofounder of eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts, Chief Ice Cream & Gelato gift fanatic, lover of all things having to do with Italian food (okay, any good food), passionate about being in the kitchen and making a career out of it, hopefully feeding my family along the way, possibly feeding them too much ice cream (but what’s a little dairy gonna do?) and I’m deep into my second trimester carrying our very first child!!

    Abby Jordan & Becky App, Cofounders, eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

    Abby Jordan & Becky App, Cofounders, eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

    Our new Pregnancy Cravings Ice Cream Sampler Pack was born (ha!) out of the need we saw for a unique gift to send a pregnant gal. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve received awesome gifts of love, excitement, receiving blankets, onesies all things cute, well-received and all things BABY. Don’t get me wrong, I would give anything I possess to my unborn baby but what about a gift for mama-to-be? And this one, proud-papa-to-be can get in on as well :) !

    Pregnancy Ice Cream Gift

    Pregnancy Cravings Ice Cream & Pickles Sampler Pack (Pickles sold & served separately. Add as craved.)

    New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts

    Now this is a baby gift that everyone at home can really get behind. Our New Baby Ice Cream, Gelato or Sorbetto Sampler Packs include four fantastic flavors with super cute names: “Welcome Sweet Baby,” “2am Feeding Fuel,” “New Mommy Sweet Treat” & “Naptime Nosh”. Moms, Dads, siblings, visiting relatives, everyone can get in on this sweet celebration of the brand new baby.

    This sweetly scooped post-partum delight was also recently featured on the BabyCenter.com Blog. Sweetest Thanks to Lizz Gumbinner from coolmompicks.com for thinking of eCreamery! We especially liked your line about how you would have rather been sent Ice Cream instead of your 97th receiving blanket!! We’re pretty sure other new moms feel the exact same way.

    Check out this New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream Gift of customized pints from our Create Your Own Sampler Pack & Name Your Own Flavors. On this page not only do you rule the scoop, you rule the creative naming process too!! You pick 4 (or 8 ) flavors and name them!

    New Baby Create Your Own Sampler Pack

    New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gift

    New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gift

    New Baby Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Gift

    Recipe Box Gifts eC At Home Gifts by Occasion Pick Your 4 Pack Create Your Flavor