Grandparent’s Day

Aren’t your Grandparents the sweetest? Remind them that you think so!! We are featuring very special flavors this month that remind us of our grandparents. They are a rich, buttery, nutty Butter Pecan Ice Cream with locally grown pecans and a creamy & crunchy English Toffee.

We have also made up a Grandparent’s Day Ice Cream Sampler 4 Pack.

Grandparents Day Ice Cream Sampler 4 Pack

Grandparents Day Ice Cream Sampler 4 Pack

4 pints of delicious gourmet ice cream flavors, each named with a special Grandparent’s title. Each flavor is hand made with the finest of specialty ingredients, sure to delight all ice cream lovers.

Flavor Titles and Flavors include:

“Property of Grandpa” – English Toffee

“Grandma’s Sweet Retreat” – Chocolate Chip

“Tub o’ Love” – Lemon

“World’s Sweetest Grandparents” – Butter Pecan

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